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Tips & Tricks is your complete guide to all things iOS, with hundreds of guides designed to help you get the most from your iPad. Whether you’re an iPad novice or a tablet veteran, we cover everything from getting started to hidden features and secret shortcuts. If that’s not enough, our news feed is updated daily with app reviews, features, tutorials, price drops, breaking news, and more. There’s something for everyone here, and this Pro edition features no adverts. --- We've been ...



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One Review for iPad Secrets App

  1. Azim Ahmed says:
    User friendliness
    Educational value
    Language appropriate for ESL students
    Student reporting and tracking
    App performance

    What you like about it?
    Perfect for beginners and those who think they know it all :-)

    What you don’t like about it?
    Not interactive but a perfect guide to tips nevertheless

    How would you use this app with your students?
    This is best for both students and teachers

    Tips you can share on its use?
    As a quick reference guide


    I found this app for our Foundations Faculty new to iPads and iOS (iPads operating system) in general… and I highly recommend you use it IF you you are starting out with an iPad for the very first time. And I am sure there are some handy hints for advanced users (like how to ensure the CAPS LOCK stays ON while using the virtual keyboard!). This app is a must have and should be used along with the AppStart App (iPad Apps guide to get started with your brand new iPad) to quickly become an expert in using your iPad :-)

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