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One Review for PhotoPen App

  1. Ahmed Tayel says:


    Here is an example of what you can do with this app.
    1.First, Print-screen the page(s) you want to teach or want your students to study. (It will be saved instantly in your camera roll.)
    2.Upload it to DropBox using ‘Uploads’ button. If you like to change the name of the pic, you can do this on the website.
    3.Share it with the students by moving it from ‘Uploads’ folder to the shared one.
    4. After being shared, students should save it in their camera rolls as well.
    5. Start the application , tap the image of the camera roll you will see at the bottom, and upload the picture you want.
    7.You can then write, type, draw and circle.
    8.Students can then save the changes and send you a copy of their work.

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