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One Review for The National App

  1. Nalini Malhotra says:

    What you like about it?
    It's very easy to download different sections of the paper and articles can be viewed in a variety of ways. Furthermore, there is a speak option allowing the students to listen to the article they have clicked on. This is a particularly useful feature as often students have heard a word before, but have not seen it in the written form so have problems decoding it.

    What you don’t like about it?
    At present the help file is a blank window.

    How would you use this app with your students?
    It could be utilised in a variety of ways. Students could create an e-portfolio (perhaps in Evernote) to track articles belonging to a particular news story to see how their chosen topic has evolved over a period of time. Articles could be analysed in terms of typical features associated with this genre, etc.

    Tips you can share on its use?
    You can share articles, copy, email and rate them.


    At the moment this app is free, but I don’t know for how much longer. There is a problem with the help page in that it currently doesn’t exist, but when I emailed the web developer for this app, David Green, he informed me that “The help file is yet to be loaded because during the roll-out of the ereader the actual process of reading articles changed. I am quickly rewriting the help file and, again, hope to have it up very soon.”

    However, overall I highly rate this app.

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