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  1. Azim Ahmed says:
    User friendliness
    Educational value
    Language appropriate for ESL students
    Student reporting and tracking
    App performance

    What you like about it?
    Great App for presenting in a class

    What you don’t like about it?
    Pilot Upgrade is pricey @ $8.49

    How would you use this app with your students?
    Presenting ideas, interacting with students

    Tips you can share on its use?
    File sharing via iTunes possible if you don't have a dropbox account


    The only tool you need to share ideas, presentations and more and guide the experience for your audience from an iPad. This FREE download includes Passenger so you can join any Pilot presentation, anytime.

    However, you must upgrade in-app to Pilot to lead unlimited meetings!

    WHAT’S IDEA FLIGHT? Idea Flight enables one person, the Pilot, to use their iPad to control content to an audience, their Passengers, or other iPads via W-Fi or Bluetooth. Preparing materials for Idea Flight is simple: Content must be saved as a PDF and can easily be accessed through Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing, or email. Then invite your Passengers to come on board directly from the app. Idea Flight includes a Passenger List allowing Passengers and Pilots to connect via LinkedIn and now Facebook.

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