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The ONLY iPad app to support all these: Annotation on MS Word! Annotation on PowerPoint! Annotation on PDF! Reached Top 1 in 7 App Stores around the world! *****"a handy little application that provides big results. This is a must have app" ***** Rick Rockwell, AppPicker *****"AnnotDoc offers an impressive number of features at a comparatively low price tag", ***** *****The only iPad app to support annotation on PowerPoint documents. Very useful and friendly. For this price, I ...





One Review for AnnotDoc App

  1. Adria Arafat says:
    User friendliness
    Educational value
    Language appropriate for ESL students
    Student reporting and tracking
    App performance

    What you like about it?
    That I can annotate a doc with my finger

    What you don’t like about it?
    It doesn't have voice

    How would you use this app with your students?
    By importing a doc, annotating it, exporting a PDF.

    Tips you can share on its use?
    I use this with drop box and my email account.


    I upload the students completed doc into drop box. Then I import this doc into this app. Then I annotate this as a PDF file. I then send it back to myself to share with the student. There are many steps but it does what I want.

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