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One Review for A+ FlashCards Pro App

  1. Nalini Malhotra says:
    User friendliness
    Educational value
    Language appropriate for ESL students
    Student reporting and tracking
    App performance

    What you like about it?
    The app is user friendly, both teachers and students can create word lists and when practising each word students have the opportunity to listen and see the word, then decide which box to drag and drop it to: Don't know, Not sure and Know. This way students who lack self-confidence can hit the Not sure button without giving a simple "Yes I do/No I don't" answer, so reducing the risk of loss of face amongst peers.

    What you don’t like about it?
    The English word also appears on the flip side where the Arabic translation is.

    How would you use this app with your students?
    I haven't used this app yet, but I would use it to reinforce vocabulary presented through reading texts and to introduces a list of words/phrases that could be utilised in a writing task.

    Tips you can share on its use?
    Once you have added a list, to find it swipe from left to right on the screen to reveal all word lists created!


    I must give credit where credit is due and with this in mind, I’d like to say that my colleague, Gordon Buckley, introduced me to this app. There are many flashcard programs out there with bells and whistles, but what I like about this one is that it allows you to upload photos from your camera roll/photo stream. So whilst I might choose an image for the word house based on what houses look like in the UK, students will also be able to upload a picture of an Arabic house for the Arabic translation. Hopefully this may aid vocab recall more successfully.

    Finally, teachers can email lsts to each other. So for example, if each teacher focused on a particular sub-list from the academic word list, a bank of flashcards could be created more quickly through collaboration and teamwork.

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